For a safer, engaged & more active community!


Parents: Cyril Patrick Walsh @ Theresa Marie(Gearin)Walsh
Siblings: Brother Cyril, Sisters Gayle, Joanne and Michelle
Children: Julie Anne Marie MacGuire Walsh

Memorial University: Bachelor of Education 1990
Bachelor of Arts 1993

As a young boy I grew up on Cashin Avenue, St. John's old West end.
I attended Holy Cross school for my first nine years of formal education and
I then went on to complete my high school diploma at Brother Rice.
After high school I worked as a laborer for St. John's Housing Authority for four years,
followed by a three year stint in Canada's Armed Forces as a communication specialist.
In 1983 I decided that teaching would be an exciting and worthwhile adventure
so I enrolled at Memorial University and completed my education and arts degrees.
Since then I have been teaching at various levels.
During my teacher tenure I have taught two years at the high school level, fourteen at junior high and six in elementary grades.
Currently I am teaching grade 6 at Mary Queen of the World in Mt. Pearl.

Election Overview

Dear Constituents of Ward 5,
Over the last 4 weeks I have been knocking on doors and listening to the concerns of the people of Ward 5 and getting feedback on some of the ideas that I have presented to them.
More importantly I have been listening to what the people have been saying and their concerns and ideas will form the vast majority of my or what I call, "The People's Platform".
I will not be posting our platform until September 8th. That gives me some more time to engage with voters in parts of the district that I have yet to cover.
Thank you for you time and patience.
Mike Walsh
August 29th, 2017

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The People's Platform
Ward 5

Over the last few months I have knocked on the vast majority of the people's doors in the Ward.
The constituents have been very warm and receptive. For that I thank them.
From these interactions, I have found out that Ward 5 is the 'forgotten ward'.
I believe this stems from inadequate representation over the past 12 years.
As your representative at City Hall, I promise to be Your Voice. It will be loud and strong.
You will no longer be forgotten, for I shall be in front of the cameras, behind the microphones,
and use whatever medium at my disposal to express your concerns and fight diligently to rectify
the wrongs and satisfy the needs of the constituents of Ward 5.

The following Policy Platform consists of some of my ideas, as well as the issues and concerns of the citizens of Ward 5:


When the economy is booming and people are doing fine and there is a demand for housing,
the value of these houses increase. The last time property assessments took place,
the economy was doing much better and the value of people's properties and houses
increased and so did their taxes. Since that time, the economy has slowed down and
property values have dropped, thus people's taxes must drop accordingly.
As for people on a fixed income and/or retired, I believe their taxes
should be based on their income and not the value of their homes and property.
These contributing members of our society have greatly contributed to our community
in the past, and the tax system in place is forcing many of them out of their homes.
This form of taxation for our elders and retired people must come to an end.

Safer Communities

- To lobby our Provincial Government to give extra resources to our Police Force
to help combat the serious drug problem in our community.
Most important, is getting those people off the streets who are poisoning our community.

- Install cameras at intersections to deter people from texting, speeding
and going through red lights, etc.

- Use our license plates as a form of identification and when people with no license,
registration and/or insurance are caught, they do not receive their plates back
until they have paid their fines and adhered to all other aspects of their conviction.
Only then will they receive their plates back and be able to purchase another vehicle.

- Snow clearing at times has not been very good, to say the least, in various parts
of the Ward, especially Southlands. This cannot be tolerated. Ambulances, firefighters
and police must be able to reach people in need!

- Speeding is a concern throughout the whole Ward.
Some things that must be done to deter people from speeding would be to install speed bumps,
install photo radar, lower speed limit, install speed signs that inform you of the speed limit
and your current speed, have more three way stops, and so on.

- Sidewalks should be installed near all schools because all students within 1.6 km of the school
are not permitted to get the bus unless there is room on the bus. No child should have to walk
to school on a road, without sidewalks.

- Bus stops should all be located next to a sidewalk. People should not have to wait on a shoulder
of a road or in snow banks because the sidewalk is not clear (Goulds, Kilbride, Shea Heights).
People should not be forced to walk 2 km through snow-covered sidewalks and cross busy roads
in order to get bus service that they deserve to have (Southlands).

- Install crosswalks and flashing lights in areas of the Ward where people (especially the elderly)
have to cross roads with heavy traffic, to get to their mail boxes.

Engaged and active community

I believe that the people of the Ward should become more engaged and active in their community,
and I, as your representative, should lead the way by example. And I will! Throughout the year I
would like to meet with community members from all parts of the ward in schools or
community centers to listen to the concerns of the people. The Four Councilors at Large
along with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be invited at all times to attend.
Collectively we can achieve more, and with better results, for everyone.


Many parts of Ward 5 are still lacking basic infrastructure, and repairs to existing, deteriorating
infrastructure is essential. It is sad to say that a number of residents living in the Ward are still not
hooked up to water and sewer. Many roads are in horrendous and dangerous states of disrepair!
Sidewalks are still nonexistent, in many areas. Flooding has occurred in parts of the Ward
because storm sewers are eroded away or totally clogged up with stones and debris.
The result is often property damage and worse.


The importance of recreational facilities is vital if we as citizens of this City wish to practice a
healthier lifestyle. Exercise helps foster social opportunities and contributes to mental health
by reducing stress, combating depression and building emotional well-being.
Recreation builds stronger individuals and families by reducing negative, self-destructive behaviors
such as smoking, substance abuse and juvenile delinquency, to name but a few.
As your representative, I will advocate on your behalf, so that a new, modern recreational facility
will be built in the Ward to accommodate the needs of its constituents. At the sametime, I will
actively fight on your behalf for more walking trails throughout the areas. For those parts of the
riding that are adjacent to the City of Mount Pearl, I will work hand in hand with our neighbours
to assist all people in the region to have access to shared facilities.
Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood. As a youth
growing up in St. John's, the taxpayers gave me the opportunity to participate in a healthy lifestyle
by providing facilities at affordable prices. If the facilities at Wishingwell Ball Park and Tennis Court,
St. Pat's Ballpark and The Boys and Girls Club In Mundy Pond had not been available,
my life would have taken a different course. Thank you St. John's for that!


The people of our community and province should give more support to the farming communities.
Buy home grown products and keep the $$$ in the community. Self-sustainable communities is
what we should strive to be. Their products are what a more healthier community needs to eat.
Therefore, let's help our fellow farmers in Kilbride and Goulds.

Dog Parks

Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend, but people who are lucky enough to have a dog in
their home know it is more than a pet, it is a member of the family. They too need exercise and I
believe that a Dog Park or two should be created in the Ward. They should be located in areas that
are accessible to all in the constituency. It is not expensive, and maintenance is practically nil.

Over the past several months, I have personally knocked on thousands of doors and the message that
is being conveyed is that the people of Ward 5 are over-taxed and services are far less than adequate!
At the same time, they are furious because they have not had a Voice and their (former) Counselor
has let them down. If elected, I will be Your Voice. I will be your medium, and your concerns will be
heard. I shall not fear the microphone. I shall not fear the camera. You will see my face, you will
recognize me, and you will know that I am a man of my word. If I do not exceed or reach your
expectations after four years of municipal governance, then do not re-elect me.
It's as simple as that!

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of the people of Ward 5 for opening up their doors and being
so gracious. For me it was an eye-opening experience of both the community and the people that
make it up. It was, and I hope it to be, a long-lasting relationship.

Kindest regards, sincerely,
Michael D. Walsh
Ward 5 Candidate